Information for companies

  • Students enrolled in online training programs are entitled to undertake training in any company in any autonomous community in Spain in accordance with the established in RD 1845/1994 and RD 1493/2011, that regulates the terms and conditions of inclusion In the General Regime of Social Security of the students doing training programs and also in any company worldwide.
  • The School will provide the Company with the Framework Agreement for Educational Collaboration and will issue the additional Annex for each student destined to practice in the Company. The Annex will include the student’s signature giving their consent to participate in the internship program.
  • The signature of the Agreement has no cost whatsoever for the Company, nor for the Student. It is necessary to pay only the cost of the educational program that will entitle to a practical period of a maximum of 6 months with the maximum working load of 40 hours per week.
  • Mode of payment: bank transfer or online via PayPal


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